Grafen Jeju Seawater Curl Cream 100g

Jeju Seawater Curl Cream 100g

Light and moist expression with natural curling setting power
-Fixing power: even thick hair naturally
From short style to long style, it has excellent setting power, allowing natural styling at will.
- Styling: Glossy wet style
- Detergency: Water-based base that washes at once
Contains 10,000ppm of natural seawater from Jeju, so there is no sticky or residual feeling even after washing your hands after styling!
-Easy application with conditioning ingredients
A curl cream that does not have to worry about hair with moisturizing ingredients
Realize natural styling by protecting the surface of hair with a marine energy booster containing Jeju seaweed
- Scent: Deep sea scent
-good ingredients
Contains extracts of Jeju Ecklonia, Mojaban, and seaweed extract
Rich dietary fiber, calcium, and minerals provide moisture and nutrition to hair for healthier styling
Noni fruit extract, hibiscus extract

[How to use]
Take an appropriate amount on your hands and rub it well,
then put your fingers between your hair and apply it as if you were sweeping.
After creating volume, touch the ends of the hair strands to arrange the style.
Complete your own style easily and in a variety of ways.

[Recommended for these people.]
- Those who are looking for a wet wax with excellent cleaning power
- Those who are burdened with glossy wax
-Ivy League cut, those who seek natural styling
- Those who are looking for wax with good ingredients
- Those who are looking for a soft, well-applied curl cream.