[Gospel seat] Strawberry Jam 100g x 5EA Tube type

Gospel seat
Strawberry jam 100 g

It is a strawberry jam that is eaten right away from the Gospel where fresh strawberries are transformed into fresh sweet jam.
It's made in a traditional homemade way, so it's elastic and elastic.
Baked brown bread Simply squeeze with one hand.
-Safety with tube packaging with less risk of product deterioration
Made in a homemade way, it was born in a simple tube shape
so that the elastic and elastic strawberry jam can be squeezed right away.
It is easy to carry, so you can easily enjoy strawberry jam outdoors.
The tube packaging makes it easy for children to squeeze,
and there is less risk of deterioration due to the small area of the product in contact with oxygen.
Enjoy Gospel Strawberry Jam,
easily squeezed on bread and with yogurt topping, anytime, anywhere.