[GOONGBE] Shampoo and Bath 350ml x2EA 0months + PH 5.5~6.5 Bath with mild acid and mild shampoo

Shampoo and Bath 350ml 

Bath with mild and mild shampoo for sensitive and delicate newborn skin
Bath with mild acid and mild shampoo

It is a hypoallergenic shampoo combination bath that gently cleanses from head to toe
without burdening the skin with a weakly acidic formula similar to the pH of healthy skin.

* Dense foam that easily rinses with water
The dense foam of coconut-derived vegetable cleaning ingredients rinses quickly,
making it comfortable for both children and mothers.

* Moisturizes even after neck use
Oat kernel oil is contained, so it is moist without drying after bathing.
*Applied safe scent that excludes suspected allergy-causing fragrances

[How to use]
Dense and rich soft foam

Take an appropriate amount and lather enough to gently wipe your hair and body, then rinse with clean water.