Dalba White Truffle Nourishing Treatment Mask 25ml 1Box (5Sheets) [Resilience/Nutrition Supply]

Dalba White Truffle Nourishing Treatment Mask 25ml 

The light cellulose sheet adheres tightly to the skin and absorbs key ingredients into the skin.
It delivers rich nutrition to the skin with rich minerals and nutrients.
* Full of nutritional value
The rich nutrition of 10,000ppm of Italian white truffle keeps the skin healthy.
* Full of moisture
Five types of hyaluronic acid form a moisturizing film to keep it moist without drying.
*Skin Fit Sheet
A skin-friendly sheet that adheres to the skin with a light and soft fit.
* Point Complex
-Multi-Ex BSASM: Patented ingredient for skin soothing & irritation relief
-Beautiful Herb Story: Antioxidant patented ingredients
(lavender flower extract, oregano extract, rosemary leaf extract, thyme flower/leaf/stem extract)
-ARA COM 15(H): Moisturizing & soothing complex
(chamomile extract, green tea extract, pot marigold flower extract, lemongrass extract, eucalyptus leaf extract,
hibiscus flower extract, common jasmine extract, apple mint leaf extract, lemon balm extract,
Tea tree extract, olive tree leaf extract, rosemary leaf extract, salvia extract)
-IndiMultiEx WH-9 Complex(N) skin vitality
Daisy flower extract, freesia extract, herbaceous seedling extract,
madonna lily flower extract, edelweiss extract, mulberry bark extract, lotus extract, ginseng extract, sausrea involukrata extract)

[How to use]

After cleansing, use the skin to prepare the skin texture.
Open this product and apply the mask evenly over the entire face, except around the eyes and mouth.
After 10-20 minutes, remove the mask and gently tap the remaining contents on the skin to let it absorb.