[GoongBe] Calming therapy oil 90ml contains 99.8% natural oil

Calming therapy oil 90ml 

* Moisturizes and comforts eye skin problems caused by dry skin!
*48 hours moisturizing effect
99.8% skin-friendly natural oil extracted from apricot seeds,
yucha tree seeds, and sunflower seeds keeps moisture for 48 hours.
* Soothing effect of skin troubles
Five plant-derived soothing ingredients, including Ganghwa Yak-muk,
which contains the secret of the court, calms the troubles of the eye skin.
*Formation of a smooth moisturizing film
It can be used without stickiness as it is quickly absorbed from the skin, and it creates a smooth moisturizing film.
* Safe prescription premium oil
Obtained German Derma Test Excellent, a German skin safety certification body,
5 additive-free prescription (6 types of parabens, p-hydroxybenzoic acid, phenoxyethanol, clofenesin, triethanolamine)

[How to use]

After bathing or whenever you feel dry, take a sufficient amount and gently massage it for absorption.
* When used for daily moisturizing and soothing care
After morning/evening cleansing, pump 1-2 times into the palm of the hand to gently handle the entire skin of the child, including the face/body. Afterwards, finish by applying moisturizing products (lotion, cream).
Do not apply a large amount at once, apply a small amount thinly and widely.
*When used for various skin problems due to dryness
Lightly reapply on areas that need skin soothing.
Apply it to areas that need moisture from time to time due to severe dryness.
For baby massage, use 2-3 pumps to reduce skin friction and help soft massage.