[GOONBE] Moisture Cream 180ml x 2EA/ 0 months+ Triple Barrier Reinforcement High Moisturizing Cream

[GOONBE] Moisture Cream 180ml / 0 months+

Moisturizes sensitive and delicate newborn skin, triple barrier reinforcement high moisturizing cream
Thick and firm, highly moisturizing cream

*Prescription of three deep moisturizing ingredients
Skin-friendly triple moisturizing ingredients such as ceramide, macadamia seed oil, etc. help protect our child's skin barrier even more.
*48 hours high moisturizing effect
48-hour highly moisturizing cream for infants and toddlers that dry easily due to low sebum content
*Formation of a firm skin barrier
It strengthens the skin barrier so that the delicate baby's skin does not easily lose moisture.
Three points of security for the court!
-Hypoallergenic test completed to avoid worrying about sensitive skin!
-Germany's Derma Test Top Excellent Rating!
-Applied safe fragrance that excludes allergy-causing suspicious fragrance!

[How to use]
After bathing or whenever you feel dry, take a sufficient amount and apply gently on the skin.