[Goodal] Moist Synergy Mask Duo Clarifying/Peeling X Moisturizing 25ml+25ml


Empty the sebum, fill it with moisture

Goodal Moist Synergy Mask Duo

Clarifying x Moisturizing (for oily skin) 25ml + 25ml

-2-step synergy mask to empty and fill
Wash off mask and moisture sleeping mask in one!
Easy special care!
-Clean blackheads and sebum
Cleansed skin with a scrub clay mask that cleans waste products
-Moisturizing synergy with sleeping mask!
A sleeping mask that coats moisture for a long time, filling the skin with impurities quickly

Low-Sweet Blueberry Extract / Clay (Bentonite)
Low sweet blueberry extract with excellent skin protection and soothing effect meets clay (bentonite)
with strong pore cleaning effect to make the skin clean and refreshed ~

[How to use]
Empty pores by adsorbing blackheads and sebum
After cleansing, apply a thin layer of clay on a dry face, dry after 10 minutes, gently massage with water and rinse thoroughly with water.
Moisturizes moisture overnight
Prepare the skin texture with toner and apply a sleeping pack onto the skin in an appropriate amount to gently apply for absorption.

[Recommended for these people.]

People who are worried about sebum and blackheads accumulated in the pores
Those who want easy care without complicated steps