[Good Morning Sense] Berry Enzyme Powder 3 g x 30 Packets Breaking Down Carbohydrates Fats Proteins

Good Morning Sense
Comfortable, berry enzyme Powder Powder 3g x 30 packets

Looking forward to a comfortable day, enzyme habits for my body
Contains powerful enzymes for breaking down carbohydrates, fats and proteins.
(Contains three enzymes a-amylase, protease, and lipase)
Delicious blueberry flavor.
Enzyme is an essential component for living organisms to sustain life.
It helps maintain life by helping various physiological functions,
digesting and absorbing food, and helping to achieve various metabolic reactions.

[It's good for people like this.]
-Those who are heavy no matter how much rest
-People who often eat meat or instant food
-Those who are concerned about the burden of the intestine
-Those who are feeling stuffy and difficult to digest after eating
-Frequent dinners, those who work overtime
-Those who have unbalanced and irregular eating habits
-Those who want a refreshing morning
-Those who are always sloppy and have trouble with the bathroom
-Those who are always tired and heavy due to overwork, overtime, and stress