Good and Kids Childrens RTG Omega 3 Chewable Lemon Flavor (1000mg x 90 Capsules) x 2EA

Good and Kids
Children's RTG Omega 3 Chewable 
1000mg x 90 Capsules

Indispensable for the smooth circulation of children in the growing season
Maintains EPA and DHA, which are necessary for smooth blood circulation in growing children.
Contains beta-carotene necessary for eye health
Contains vitamin D, which is necessary for children with little outdoor activities
Contains vitamin E, which aids in antioxidant activity
Contains zinc necessary for normal immune function
*Soft lemon flavor capsule
*3 capsules per day, chew tightly, or pop in your mouth instead of snacks.

[How to take]
Chew and consume 3 capsules once a day, once a day.