Bomann 3in1 Nose hair Remover NT8520 Electric shaver with USB charging Low noise and hypoallergenic

Boman 3in1 NT8520

Low noise and hypoallergenic
Beard, eyebrows and nose hair now manage easily.
Not only shaving, but also simple hair removal functions, eyebrows, nose hair and ear hair can be solved at once.
Just replace the cap according to the situation and press the action button.
-It is also possible to wash with water due to the waterproof function of daily life.
*Be sure to separate the main body and cap and clean.
-Simple charging method
Simple charging in the same way as a 5-pin mobile phone charger.
3 months of use with 3 hours charge
-Minimizes slippage when using with a stable grip.
-It is made of stainless steel, so even those with sensitive allergic reactions can use it without worry.
Battery capacity:2200mA
Power consumption: DC 5v/3W