[Geumheukjeong] Korean Black Ginseng Concentrate 100% Black Ginseng Extract fermented 100g(50g x2EA)

Black ginseng concentrate 100%

Black ginseng extract
fermented black ginseng 100g (50g x 2EA)

Black ginseng concentrate product that is concentrated with excellent manufacturing technology by selecting only high-quality raw materials
from Korean ginseng, a special product of Korea, steaming 9 times and drying 9 times.
Made using only 100% Korean black ginseng, no additives other than black ginseng are added,
and it is a black ginseng concentrate with more than 60% solid content.
Black ginseng concentrate made from Korean ginseng, a special product of Korea,
extracted and concentrated at low temperature without any additives.
It is full of the bitter and soft taste and aroma of black ginseng, so it has excellent deep and rich flavor of 100% black ginseng.
Raw material name and mixing ratio: 100% black ginseng (Korean) (70% black ginseng, 30% black rice ginseng)
100% black ginseng concentrate (irradiated pony content 80mg/g or more, solid content 60% or more)

[How to drink]
3 times a day, 1g at a time, children consume 1/2 of adults.