[GEITHAINER] Prima Fine Portable Tumbler Blender GTKPB-500

Prima Fine Portable Blender GTKPB-500

Put the blender in the tumbler.

-Portable wireless container
-Strong rotational power, 20,000 RPM per minute
-Strong and hygienic stainless steel 304 blade
-It is designed with double safety device and embedded blade
so that it does not get hurt when touched.
In addition, it is safe because it does not work when the blade container is removed.
-Baby bottle material, Tritan container, BPA free material
-300ml of actual capacity and maximum capacity are marked.
-350g ultra light weight
-Non-slip silicone grip
-Convenient USB charging
-Sturdy wrist strap
-Compatible portable lid

[Recommended for these people]

-For those who have trouble using a general household blender or blender
-Those who are portable and want to drink their own beverage from time to time
-People who often drink diet shakes while exercising
-An office worker who wants to have a simple meal with Sunsik
-Those who want to make and eat fruit juice, smoothies, etc.
-One-person household
-Those who are bothered to do the dishes
-Those who frequently drink beverages due to frequent vehicle use

[How to use]
-Put food, close the body to the cup, and rotate it.
(If the LED indicator flashes 3 times, it indicates that it is properly closed.)
-It works by lightly pressing the power button on the body twice.
Lay the product down slowly and operate it in a completely twisted state.
-When you press the power button once, the operation stops.

Rated voltage:DC3.7v
Power consumption: input power 8w, output power 50w