GC Healthy Kids Immune Jelly (20g x14) x 2Box Elderberry Green Grape Flavor Zinc Immunity

GC Healthy Kids Immune Jelly
20g x 14 Packs

Jelly for normal immune function
Up to 8 years of age, 1 sachet per day can meet the recommended intake
Contains 6mg of zinc
-Contains zinc gluconate for easy body absorption
-Meticulous product formulation
Contains various enzyme powders (additive ingredients)
protease. Alpha-amylase, lipase, invertase, gluconamylase
Contains 6 kinds of mixed fruit powder (peach, apple, plum, melon, lemon, kiwi)
Contains 11 kinds of vegetable mixed concentrate powder
(cauliflower, cucumber, sweet pumpkin, water parsley, cabbage, kale, parsley, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, broccoli, red beet)
- Contains 19ug of selenium and 6mg of vitamin E a-TE for nutritional supplementation
-More delicious with alderberry & green grapes~
- Easy-to-carry stick-type jelly

[Recommended for these people.]

- Those who need normal immune function
-Children with malnutrition due to poor eating
- Those who need easy nutritional supplementation
- Those who do not get enough zinc due to irregular eating habits
- Those who want to enjoy nutritional supplementation

[How to take]
Chew 1 sachet (20g) once a day and consume.