Gaze Air Portable UVC LED Sterilizer 99.9% sterilization / ozone free

Gaze Air Portable UV-C LED Sterilizer
99.9% sterilization / ozone free

* 4 UV-C LEDs are installed.
* Smaller than a finger, it can be lightly carried in a handbag or pocket,
and can sterilize surrounding belongings anytime, anywhere.
* A locking device is applied to prevent malfunction,
and the automatic timer is designed to automatically shut off power after 1 minute has elapsed to ensure safety once more.
*When the product is turned 90 degrees, the LED turns off automatically to protect the user's eyes.

[How to use]
Open the cover and touch the power button twice to turn on the UV-C LED.
Light the UV sterilization lamp by moving it back and forth about 5 times on the object you want to sterilize.
When the cover is closed, the UV sterilization lamp is automatically turned off.
After closing the cover, it does not function even if you touch the power button twice.

-Do not shine directly on the eyes or skin.
-Please do not let children use it.
-Do not wash the product or immerse it in water.
LED output wavelength: 260-280nm
Input: DC 5v/1A
Input terminal: Type-C