Gateman Assa ABLOY Rose2-IH Hook locking method Number key + Card Key Digital door lock

Gateman Rose2-IH front door digital door lock hook

Intense color and shield-shaped design, sliding cover and keypad/card key type digital door lock

* Easy card key that opens immediately without raising the cover
You can open the door simply by touching the card key.
*Unibody construction method
It is solid by grafting the unibody method used in automobile manufacturing technology to the door lock.
* Strong against wire breaking. Double open/close button [patent application]
*Smart etiquette button that opens the door without sound
* Easy to press keypad, wide keypad with large button size
*Intuitive 2nd floor (duplex) design
*Electric shock neutralization function
A circuit with a door opening prevention function is used to block illegal electric shock devices.
*High temperature alarm/fire safety opening/closing system
When abnormal high temperature (sensor operation 55 degrees Celsius) is detected, the automatic opening function is activated with an alarm sound.
* External forced locking to increase safety
When you go out for a long time, you cannot open and exit from the inside in preparation for external intrusion, and you can set the intrusion alarm sound to sound with a manual opening and closing device.
* Damage and intrusion alarm function
It detects forcible damage and abnormal intrusion and generates a strong alarm sound.
* Easy menu setting available
Key functions such as volume control and automatic/manual lock setting can be used with one touch.
*Easy internal forced locking
If you press the inner double / close button for more than 5 seconds without a separate switch, the internal forced lock is activated.
* Emergency power supply
It checks the remaining battery by itself and informs the replacement time through a lamp and an alarm. (Emergency power supply terminal is installed in case the replacement is not possible)
*3 division function
It does not work for 3 minutes when attempting to open the door with an incorrect password or an unregistered card more than 5 times

4 smart keys, outdoor part (front body), main bracket, clasp (strike), instruction manual, construction paper, alarm sticker, screw screw.
[Product Size]
Outdoor part (front body) 32(D) x 61(W) x 145(H) die casting
Interior (main body) 35(D) x 162.2(W) x 87(H) die casting