GANSO Rechargeable 3-blade MINI Electric Shaver USB-C Type, Lithium ion battery

GANSO rechargeable 3-blade mini electric shaver

-USB-C type for easy charging and high portability
-Clean cutting with 3-blade rotary type
-Smooth without irritation to the skin
The dense circular razor net of various diameters of 0.4~3.6mm gently adheres to the skin surface,
allowing shaving without irritation.
-Clean storage anytime, anywhere with transparent lid and pouch
-Lithium ion battery can be used continuously for about 50 minutes when charged for 2 hours.
-Easy structure for cleaning
The head structure with separate blade and razor net is easy to wash with water
and can be easily brushed off with a cleaning brush for hygienic management.
* After use, wipe the blade and razor with an alcohol swab or wet tissue.
-Safe lock mode after use
After use, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to set the lock mode to prevent accidental pressing of the power button.

[How to use]
Remove the transparent lid and press the power button at the bottom of the product.
Move the razor in a circular motion over the skin.
After shaving is complete, press the power button to stop the operation.
* Do not press the razor too hard against your skin.
You can shave without irritation by making a smooth circle and reducing friction between the razor and the skin.
Motor 5,500RPM
Battery capacity:3.7v / 250mAh