Funeat Real Propolis + Zinc (450mg x 60 Capsules) For 2 Months/Contains 17mg of Propolis Extract

Immune Enhancement Real Propolis 60 Capsules 

* 100% of the recommended daily amount of propolis extract is met
Using high quality Australian propolis
-Meets 17mg of propolis extract
Recommended daily amount of flavonoids "maximum content"
-Double-complex functionality (propolis extract + zinc)
-60 capsules large capacity!

Take your antioxidants in 1 capsule a day without hassle.

[Recommended for such people.]

Those who want a vital life
Those who need antioxidant activity
Those who need normal immune function
Those who have a lot of work and activities
Those who are exposed to many hazardous environments
Anyone of all ages! Anyone who needs real propolis, regardless of gender, can take it!