Funato round and round adventure track mini / contains minicar 3 types


Funato round and round adventure track mini 

minicar, 3 types

Through the process of playing by moving a car on your own, you can promote brain activity and gain a sense of accomplishment.
Play and think at the same time!!
*Development of creativity / improvement of cognitive ability
* Acquisition of sociality / emotional stability
*ABS material, durable against impact and scratches!
* Even interior effect with pastel tone soft colors!
* Try to control according to 6 different switch colors~
-If you press the purple button, the road goes up and the car starts.
-If you turn the purple lever, you can move three paths at the same time and pass the path.
-If you turn the green lever, the car gradually rises.
-Press the pink button and the car will bounce and stick to the magnetic helicopter.
-Turn the helicopter with the green lever so that the car can land on the opposite road.
-Pulling the pink lever connects the bridge and makes a path for cars to pass.
-Pull the gray lever to lift the car through the crane.