[Fruit Nara] Confume Argan Treatment Hair Ampoule 15mlX5EA (Contains 100% pure argan oil)

[Fruit Nara]
Confume Argan Treatment Hair Ampoule
(Contains 100% pure argan oil)

-Customized to help improve damaged hair
-Treatment ampoule cares for damaged hair with argan oil, supplies and protects the hair to maintain its original health
-Blocks cracking at the tip of the hair and, if used continuously, gives the hair shine and suppleness as well as elasticity.

[How to use]

After shampooing,
lightly dry the hair and apply an appropriate amount to the palm of your hand and apply evenly to the hair as if massaging.
Leave for 3 to 5 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water.
The frequency of use is 1-2 times a week, and if the damage is severe,
use it alternately with the argan treatment hair pack to help recover damaged hair.
During massage, it reacts with water and changes to a cream type at the same time as the hot temperature is generated,
which was prescribed to maximize the penetration effect of nutrients.
Hair ampoule is a glass bottle, so be careful when using it as it may break if dropped.