FRUDIA Blueberry Hydrating Intensive Vegan Cream 55g

Blueberry Hydrating Intensive Cream 55g 

72 hours super moisturizing power protected by the world's top 10 super foods
Deep hydration moisturizing cream that fills the skin gaps for 72 hours
-Contains 69% blueberry juice instead of water
-A protective film of fruit juice butter that protects moisture
Blueberry juice that spreads softly like butter and is absorbed adds a moisturizing film to the skin,
preventing skin moisture from evaporating.
-Butter type with moisturizing feeling
It is a butter formula containing blueberry juice and melts gently for a smooth finish.

[I need real blueberries on my skin now!]

-Extremely dry, extremely dry skin
-Skin with tightness that seems to be torn
-Skin that wants high moisture without stickiness
-Skin that lacks solution to dryness with moisture alone

[How to use]

At the last step of basic care, take an appropriate amount
and gently absorb it as if applying a moisturizing film to the skin.