[fossula] Hydra First Hya 100 Essence 30ml Intensely Hydrating With Tremella Fuciformis Extract

[fossula] Hydra First Hya 100 Essence 30ml

100% Moisture Essence /
Undiluted Essence with White Mushroom Extract that gives a dense and elastic moisturizing feeling
100% plant-derived extract
* White-throated mushroom extract
White tree mushrooms, called botanical hyaluronic acid because of their excellent moisture retention,
are an excellent and unique moisturizing ingredient that contains 100 times the moisture of their own weight.
It is rich in vitamin D and contains collagen, which helps to make the skin moist and elastic.
* Refreshing absorption of low-molecular botanical hyaluronic acid without stickiness
The moment the water-clear formulation touches it, it spreads smoothly and absorbs as if wrapping the skin.

[How to use]
After preparing the skin with the toner,
take an appropriate amount and gently spread over the entire face and neck.
Tip: You can use it as a sleeping pack by layering 2-3 times for evening skin care.