Flyco FS312KR Black Edition electric shaver Strong steel double razor blade Automatic grinding desig

Flyco FS312KR Black Edition electric shaver

Experience a comfortable close shave!
*Cushion type head 3D stereoscopic view
A 3D smart floating system, a 3D floating design cushion head that fits the contours of the face.
It fits the contours of the face and can respond quickly and cleanly to various face types.
-Strong steel double razor blade
-Automatic grinding design
-Intelligent control system
Anti-bearding, automatic power control, battery output safe
* Washing the head with water
*Smart battery display -Displays shaving usage time and remaining time
*1 hour fast charging, 30 days shaving.
60 minutes continuous use for 1 hour high-speed charging.
If you use it for 2-3 minutes a day, it can be used for about 30 days.
*Smart charging tip-Remaining battery charge less than 5 minutes notification and charging indicator blinks (blinks).
*Smart lock available-Press the power button for 3 seconds to switch to automatic lock mode.
Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to release the lock mode again.
*Intelligent cleaning reminder-Automatically informs the cleaning time.
*Intelligent cut-off protection-Automatic power cut off when a problem occurs in the razor head
*Smart anti-system
When the switch located on the back is lowered, the trimmer is raised. You can easily organize your head or beard.
*Supports wet & dry shaving
*IPX7 waterproof design
It can be used in a bathroom with a lot of water due to its waterproof design, and it can be washed comfortably with running water.
*Easy to wash
Turn off the product and press the head open button to open the head. The inside is washable.