Flame Retardant Mask for Fire Evacuation-Breathable Towel 5EA/10EA

Flame Retardant Mask for Fire Evacuation-
Breathable Towel

It protects precious lives from toxic gases in the event of an earthquake, or fire!

This is a round handkerchief in the form of a 7-layer filter wetted with a special solution.
It is a wet filter mask for fire evacuation that covers nose and mouth in case of fire, protects breath from toxic gas and helps escape safely.
It keeps breathing smoothly from agricultural particulates and unsafe combustibles
during the initial stage of fire and prevents breathing difficulties and gives a sense of psychological stability.

-Special solution (17 herbal extracts), shelf life of 4 years
It is composed of ingredients that keep the mind stable in an emergency situation,
induces a calm evacuation, and is very effective in making breathing easier by lowering the respiratory temperature from toxic gases.
-7 Layer filter
It consists of 7 layers of charcoal-added filters and pre-filter fibers,
including filter fabrics used in dust masks and yellow sand masks.

-Respiratory protection from toxic gases
* More than 90% carbon monoxide removal efficiency
* More than 92% hydrogen chloride removal efficiency
*Sulfur dioxide usage time 10 minutes
*Ammonia use time 9 minutes

-Easy to wear, quick evacuation
Wear it on the head and use it in the form of a mask. If the evacuation time is prolonged,
put your hand in the center of the cylinder and turn it into a handkerchief.
Wear time 5-6 seconds, use time 15 minutes

[How to use]
-In case of smoke or fire signs, the product is opened immediately.
(There are 10 perforations, so it is designed to be easily opened in an emergency.)
-Open the handkerchief from side to side and wear it on the head.
In order to maximize adhesion, it has a double structure of high elastic fabric,
so you can escape with your hands freely.
-Please cover your face and escape calmly in a low position.
If there is a risk of burns due to flames,
break the joints at both ends of the breath towel to cover the skin to protect it and escape.
-If the evacuation time is prolonged, use it with a hand inserted
Put your hand in the center of the breathable towel, wrap your nose and mouth around,
open your mouth wide, and breathe through your nose and mouth at the same time.
In case the solution dries when breathing due to the flame heat, rotate it evenly.
If you use it while turning the breathing towel,
you can see the toxic gas filtration effect for a sufficient time while maintaining the moisture barrier.