Fitnek One Body TPE Functional Pillow

Fitnek One Body TPE Functional Pillow

A fit that fits your neck
The 1038 triangular pillars have a special function that automatically matches the body shape.
The compact shape of a triangular pillar fits snugly on the neck, distributing the weight of the head,
and it has passed 200,000 pumping tests and is durable.

The fit neck can move left and right while maintaining the C curve tightly even when a person is lying down.

Fitnek upper part: TPE
The upper part of the pillow is made of a material called TPE, and it is safe as it is used as a material for baby bottles or teething machines.
It has both rubber and plastic properties, so it has good elasticity and excellent resilience.

Bottom of fitnek: Hollow cotton
The lower part of the fit neck is a hollow cotton layer made with an original formulation,
and the fiber cross-section is hollow like macaroni, so it is light and has good heat retention.
This is the result of being able to capture both the warmth and elasticity by ingeniously mixing the sinking cotton and the supporting cotton,
not a common pillow.

The pillow cover is made of human seal material.

How to wash

Rinse TPE core in water or neutral detergent dissolved in water
and dry it flat in the shade to finish cleaning! Avoid direct sunlight.

The bottom hollow fiber pillow can be easily finished by
washing the whole in a washing machine with water once a month.