[Fisher Price]Deluxe Kick and Play Piano Baby Gym Blue / Pink From 0 Month +

Piano Baby Gym
Kick and Play Deluxe Piano Gym

Stretching and kicking with your legs stretched out, and when you press the keys, a fun sound comes out.
Not only music, but also various toys such as rattles of arches and chisels induce curiosity and interest in babies.

You can have fun playing the piano from when your baby reaches out and starts kicking until he can stand up and play the piano by himself.

* Play while lying down / Play while lying down / Play while sitting / Play with your cell phone

-Korean/English simultaneous support
-65+ songs, melodies
-Removable toys
-Fun mirror play, position can be changed.
-Puffy and hygienic mat, detachable separately for washing.
-Piano with twinkling lights, detachable piano
-3 modes in 4 levels
With an easy and simple installation method, you can play in four stages: lying down, lying down, sitting, carrying and playing,
and you can choose three modes with a smart stage that can be selected according to the baby's growth and development.

Smart stage
Stage 1: Music and lights 0 months+
Various kinds of music and lights are continuously played for about 20 minutes.
Stage 2: 3 months +
The sounds of animals and musical instruments can inspire interest.
Step 3: Color, shape, number 6 months+
Through songs and sentences, you can understand the colors, shapes, and numbers.
Piano mode
You can play the piano by pressing the Do, Re, Mi, Pa, and Sol keys.

-Arch bars that can be changed position
The round arch bar is detachable, so the position can be changed according to the condition.
0 months ~ 3 months When lying down, install the arch rod in the eye position according to the child's eye position.
When sitting for more than 6 months or playing the piano, change the position of the arch rod outward.