[FATION] NoSCalm Gel Cream 50ml Whitening Anti-wrinkle

[FATION] NoSCalm Gel Cream 50ml

Whitening Anti-wrinkle

Highly concentrated gel cream that improves skin and cares for traces from daily external stimuli

* Tested to improve skin damage (skin color) caused by external stimulation

* Noncomedogenic test completed

* Skin hypoallergenic test completed

-Concentrated intensive care of heparin sodium, panthenol, allantoin and

mugwort leaf extract complex helps to improve skin with external stimulation.

-Protects and soothes skin with moisture and moisture barrier on dry and smooth skin.

-Complete non-comedogenic and low skin irritation test for safe use on sensitive skin (suitable for acne skin)

How to use

After using toner and ampoule in skin care step, apply appropriate amount evenly on face and pat lightly for absorption.