Eyelenol 15g Eye Cream,Concealer Dark Circle Cover, Wrinkle Improvement Instant Dark Spot Cover


Eyelenol / Eyelenol S  15g

(Men's and women's dark circle dark circle cover,
eye wrinkle improvement functional eye cream concealer cosmetic)

Bright and lively around your dull and wrinkled eyes!
Dark circle cover and care at the same time!
-Instant dark spot cover
-Double functionality for whitening and wrinkle improvement
-70 kinds of all ingredients
Contains soft coral, salmon broccoli extract
Contains vitamins A, B, C, E, F
-Long-term tac circle relief and wrinkle improvement test completed

Naturally cover dark circles, light tone skin

Strong dark circle cover
Normal, dark skin tone
Choose and use ilenol and ilenols according to your skin tone.

[How to use / How to use]

Even if you use it on your bare face, the dark circles are covered naturally,
so you can use it comfortably when you go out.
Squeeze half the size of a grain of rice under your fingers or eyes.
Apply ilenol under the eyes and pat gently for absorption
(tap about 10-15 times to let it absorb, you can feel a lot more natural).
When using, it may appear white at first, but if you expand it after 2-3 minutes,
you can feel the naturally absorbed appearance.

<Cosmetic procedure>
Cleansing -> Lotion/Moisture Cream -> Sun Cream -> Ilenol, Ilenol S -> Make-up
Since it contains a small amount of color pigment, it is recommended to use it after completing all steps before makeup.