Everton House Waffle Maker EHJT-WM9364D/NWJT-WM9365F Grill Waffle Machine/Toast Maker/ Sandwich Tray

Everton House Waffle Maker

Cropple, Waffle Panini / Grill Waffle Machine/ Toast Maker / Sandwich Waffle Tray
Like Belgian waffles, it has a thickness of 2cm to 2.5cm, making it the most suitable waffle for a meal or as a dessert.
*Non-stick coating
*Top and bottom heating
*Replaceable tray
*Heating indicator
When the power is connected, preheating starts and the heating indicator turns on,
and when cooking is possible, the heating indicator turns off.
At this time, add the ingredients.
*Foldable vertical storage
Foldable structure that opens and closes by holding a handle allows vertical storage,
and a cord organizer makes it easy to store in small spaces
Rated voltage:220v~ ,60Hz
Power consumption: 600w