Everbikini Kombucha Kombu Soda (5g x 14EA) x 2EA Lemon Flavor

Everbikini Kombucha Kombu Soda
5g x 14 EA
Lemon Flavor

Refreshing and refreshing kombucha lemon flavor sparkling
*Organic kombucha powder (organic kombucha tea 60%) 10%
*Lemon juice powder (40% lemon concentrate) 2%,
*17 kinds of mixed lactobacillus 0.3%
*I added health to Kombucha.
Chicory extract powder, maple syrup powder, vitamin C

[Recommended for these people.]
-Those who enjoy coffee, carbonated drinks, etc.
-Those who have tamed their appetite for stimulating meals
-Those who are sore every morning

[How to take]
Once a day, 1 packet (5 g) per time is poured into 100-150ml of water and ingested.