[Eunpunggol Farm] 100% Natural Acacia Wildflower Chestnut Honey 15g x30 /60EA

[Eunpunggol Farm]
100% Natural Acacia Wildflower Honey
15g x 30EA

It is a natural honey produced once a year in Yecheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea.

Acacia / Wildflower / Chestnut Honey Selection

-Acacia honey with clear and transparent color and sweet scent
Sweet honey that both men and women of all ages love, and it goes well with teas and dishes.
-Wildflower honey with a sweet bitter taste and rich flavor
The best honey in natural state, sweet and bitter honey, good for fatigue recovery and cold prevention
(recommended for candidates and workers because it is good for blood circulation and metabolism)
-Chestnut honey contains a lot of antibacterial and antioxidants, so it tastes a little bitter,
but contains enough nutrients for medicinal purposes.
(Contains minerals, proteins, organic acids, phenolic substances that are antioxidants)

[Efficacy of Honey]

-Best for fatigue recovery!
Because honey is rich in glucose, vitamins, and minerals,
it is easy to use for energy support by major organs such as the brain, so it can help recover from fatigue.
-Enhance immunity!
Honey strengthens the body's immunity,
inhibits the growth of bacteria and makes it resistant to diseases.
-Prevent skin aging!
The vitamins, minerals, and minerals of honey help skin health,
and it inhibits cell aging through the antioxidant effect of flavonoids.

[How to take]

-It's best to eat it with honey itself or as a tea.
-25g~30g per adult per day (1 tablespoon based on a rice spoon) is appropriate.
-When eating with tea, it is better to drink it in cold or lukewarm water.
-For children and children, 5g~10g (about 1/2 of a teaspoon) per day is recommended.
-It is better to apply it to bread or use it instead of sugar when cooking.