Estura Ato Barrier Cream 100ml highly moisturizing ,strengthens the damaged skin barrier

Estura Ato Barrier Cream 100ml

A highly moisturizing lotion that strengthens the damaged skin barrier.
It is a light lotion that has a very moisturizing feel.
A cream-type formulation that shows a moisturizing capsule
that is applied gently to the skin and easily melts at the temperature of the skin.
If you have dry skin, apply it all over your face.
Applying oily skin to a dry place prevents grease and replenishes moisture.
It can also be used on sensitive skin, so it can be used with children.
A cream that maintains the hydration without being greasy.

[How to use]

After cleansing or bathing, wipe off moisture, then take a sufficient amount and apply gently on the face/dry and itchy areas.
Visible particles replenish skin lipids.
Please adjust the amount of use according to the use area and condition.
Apply generously in dry winter / before going to sleep.