Epura Mineral Salt scalp Scaler 150g

Epura Mineral Salt Scaler 150g

- Instead of shampoo, use scalp toothpaste 1-2 times a week to clean and cool the dull scalp.
- Deep scaling with 350,000ppm of salt to refresh the scalp pores
The salt grains of the mineral salt scaler help to cleanly wash away old dead skin cells and sebum residues.
-Care for hair loss, scalp heat with menthol ingredient

- Gentle, mildly acidic scalp care without irritation
Step 1: Mineral salt absorbs dead skin cells and sebum from the scalp
Step 2: Eight hyaluronic acid ingredients form a moisture layer
Step 3: Skin soothing patented ingredient gives stability to the skin

-Epunol Biome, a unique ingredient that takes care of dandruff and dead skin cells
It cleans the scalp environment and helps to calm the itchiness.
-Skin hypoallergenic test completed, pH 5.0-6.5 slightly acidic
Mineral salt scaler is a scaler that gently cares for the scalp as it has been judged to be hypoallergenic.
-Scalp temperature control, skin soothing patent ingredient, skin hypoallergenic test completed
Keratin, heat, itching, odor care / Ministry of Food and Drug Safety Hair loss functional certification report

[How to use]

For minimal scalp irritation and maximum scalp nutrition,
proper time and proper use are necessary.
Wet the scalp and hair with lukewarm water, squeeze out the moisture, and apply an appropriate amount of scaler to the scalp.
Use lukewarm water rather than hot water to give minimal irritation.
After gently rubbing the scalp as if massaging with salt grains, it maintains the foam on the scalp and replenishes nutrients and moisture.
1 minute in winter, 2 minutes in summer
Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water so that no residue remains,
and then finish by removing residual heat from the scalp with cold water.