ENPRANI White Cell / Brightening Foam Cleanser 100ml x 3EA

White Cell Foam Cleanser 100ml

-A brightening foam cleanser that clears skin tone with a fresh feeling by removing dead skin cells from the enzymes of papain and promelamine.
-Enprani's proprietary whitening ingredient,
Smart Radiancell, suppresses the formation of melanin that is located deep in the skin, making the skin clean and transparent.
-The Youth Cell ingredient cares for the three textures of the skin (internal, external, and hydrating)
to create a dense and smooth skin texture inside and out.
-Moist Activator Complex cares for ingredients that are insufficient to keep moisturizing for a long time.
-Brightening capsules containing vitamin E derivatives with excellent antioxidant power clean and smooth the surface of the pewter,
helping to deeply absorb the brightening ingredients.

[How to use]
Take an appropriate amount on your hands and lather,
then gently cleanse your face like a massage, and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.