[Elmolu]Soft Ice Cream Modeling Mask SET 20P

Soft ice cream modeling mask

Premium home aesthetic care

Point 1
Moisture for 24 hours-Replenishes moisture into the skin to keep it moist and shiny
Oil and moisture balance care of vegetable oil
Adjusts the oil and moisture balance of the skin by maintaining a moisturizing film made of vegetable oil.
Pore ​​management of natural diatomaceous earth ingredients
Diatomaceous earth containing various mineral components nourishes the skin and provides hair growth
Skin soothing with cool cooling feeling
ELMOLU's unique "cooling modeling mechanism" beta-glucan soothes skin
Excellent moisturizing effect of constant essence
Complete glowing skin through the constant self-hydration of the pack

Point 2
Cost performance end plate king
1Kg large capacity, continuous care possible by using a total of 20 times

Point 3
Easily and easily, pour agent 1 and agent 2 into a container, mix and apply on your face!

[Solution for You]

-Sensitive skin irritated by UV rays
-Skin that needs immediate moisture supply
-Skin that needs management of waste products in pores
-Skin that needs immediate skin tone improvement
It is easy to apply by itself as it is a firm, chewy formulation like gelato ice cream,
and it has excellent skin adhesion after application due to the adsorption of diatomaceous earth components.

[How to use]
50g of agent 1 and 5g of agent 2 are opened, poured into a mixing container, and mixed for about 30 seconds using a spatula.
Apply the mixed modeling mask to your face with a spatula and rest for 20 to 30 minutes.
After removing the mask, prepare the skin with finishing skin care.