Elmar Skin Save Repair Cream 50g

Elmar Skin Save Repair Cream 50g

Essential care for the changing seasons for soothing irritated skin
Skin save cream that cares for inner and outer balance
-20 kinds of worrying ingredients free
-Free of artificial colors and fragrances
-Skin irritation test completed
main ingredient
* Soothing Care Skin Save: A high content skin save directly extracted from copper berries,
bogum cactus and olive leaves harvested
from the land of Sicily soothes irritated skin and provides moisture quickly.
* Moisture barrier ceramide oliosome:
Ceramide oliosome ingredient with increased absorption forms a moisture barrier on the skin to deliver moisture and maintains moist skin that does not dry out easily even in a dry environment.
* Skin Strengthening Core-Lift Complex:
Contains hyaluronic acid, elastin, and collagen to enhance skin's basic strength.

[How to use]
At the last stage of skin care,
apply a sufficient amount of cream on the skin,rolling it from inside to outside.
If you apply one more time to the area that has been sensitive to the external environment,
there is a quick stinging effect.