[Elizavecca] Milky Piggy Caebonated Bubble Clay Mask 100g x 3EA

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Caebonated Bubble Clay Mask 100g

A mask pack that meets sparkling water and mud with a one-stop care for pore cleaning and cleansing!

*Vegetable ingredients are full! Sparkling water clay pack
A new concept carbonated bubble cray pack that adds bubbles and bubbles that are insufficient for clay alone!
Ona wall pore pack filled with plant ingredients such as green tea extract + charcoal powder + lavender extract
* Combination of charcoal, mud pack and premium carbonated water
*Meticulous clean pores function.
*Excess sebum absorption
*Soft fresh cream formulation
* Bubbles that move the moment you apply clean pores!

[How to use]
Take a moderate amount of this product and apply it evenly over the entire face except around the eyes.
After 3~5 minutes, if the bubble bursts sufficiently,
apply a small amount of lukewarm water to perform a bubble massage and cleanse thoroughly with lukewarm water.