Eilles Apple Tea 2.5g x 25ea

Eilles Apple Tea 2.5g x 25ea

Apple tea with 15% apple, apple flavor, 38% hibiscus, 33% rosehip peel, 3% orange peel, 3% elderberry, etc.
It is a special fruit tea with strong apple flavor.
Either hot or cold can have a special taste.

Tasty Drinking Tips:
Try adding citron sauce to apple tea.
Hot: Put the citron sauce in a glass, add apple tea, pour hot water, and stir well when the apple tea simmers.
Ice: Pour apple tea in 120cc of hot water for 5 minutes, mix it well with yuzu sauce, and serve in a glass full of ice.
How to drink: Soak in hot water at about 100℃ for 5-10 minutes before eating.