papa recipe Eggplant Clearing Cleansing Oil Pad 60 Sheets

Clearing Cleansing Oil Pad 60 Sheets

* Eggplant cleansing oil pad that gently removes makeup with 100% cotton pad
* Remover and pad
*80mm Wang Pad
*100% pure cotton fabric
*Naturally derived ingredients
* Refreshing finish
*pH slightly acidic
*Contains eggplant fruit extract
* Provides a moist and refreshing finish without the oily residue unique to cleansing oil
* Minimize destruction of active ingredients by ultrasonic extraction

Gently press the blackhead area with a pad to help melt the sebum gently.
* Essence with moisture and oily feeling suitable for beige tone pure cotton pad

[How to use]
Wipe wide areas such as forehead and cheeks first,
and then gently apply point makeup.
Relax with a light water wash.
Although it is safe for the skin without washing with water,
we recommend washing with water for the skin care stage.