EDIYA Kombucha Appleberry 6g (20 Kcal) x 20 Sticks


EDIYA Kombucha Appleberry

6g x 20 Sticks

The combination of fresh raspberry and sweet apple makes it even more delicious!
Contains fructooligosaccharide, royal jelly powder, and 12 types of mixed lactic acid bacteria!
Kombucha for beginners - sweet and sour mixed fruit flavor!
Calorie-free - 20kcal , Enjoy it with 1 pack.

[How to drink]

Put 1 bag of sticks, fill with 250ml of cold water, and stir to dissolve the powder.
Put 2 sticks and fill with 90% cold water and shake to dissolve the powder.
Add ice and enjoy the refreshing and refreshing taste of kombucha.
It has a strong sour taste, so it is recommended to drink within 4 capsules a day.

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