EDIYA Blending Tea 20g x 20T (Pear +Ginger/ Apple+Plum/Citron Quince Fruit)

EDIYA Blending Tea Liquid Stick

Blending extract and fruit juice at once!

* Apple & Plum 20T
Apple Concentrated Fruit Juice (Apple 33.3%) 15%, Purun Juice Powder (Prune Extract Solid Content 30%) 0.2%

*Pear & Ginger 20g x 20T
Pear concentrate (solid content over 65%) 7%, ginger concentrate (solid content 60%) 3.6%

*Liquid Stick Citron Quince Fruit 20T
Citron concentrate (Citron juice 70%) 7%, quince concentrate (Citron 40%) 2%

[How to drink]

After squeezing 1 stick of this product, pour 70-80ml of cold/hot/carbonated water and mix well.
Mix it with fresh plain yogurt, freeze it slightly in the freezer, and complete your own shake!
Idiya blending stick that tastes good as a salad dressing to suit your taste.
If the blending tea bag and stick are together,
the sweet taste of the stick and the rich aroma of the tea bag are added to increase the synergy effect!