Edison Drawing Board /Magic Paint /Childrens Drawing /Glow Art Play

Edison Drawing Board
Magic Paint /Children's Drawing /Glow Art Play

Stimulate your child's imagination anytime, anywhere!
-A drawing board made with scientific principles improves motivation for study! Fun UP!
-Can be used anytime during the day or at night!
-Spacious A3 size, slightly larger than the sketchbook!
-Slim and strong. Besides, it is light at 50g.
-It is a semi-permanent product that can be used for a long time, and it has a green light that is safe for eyes.
-KC certified product

[How to use]
There is a button on the front of the ballpoint pen, so when you push the button upward, the ballpoint pen lights up.
Simply draw on the Edith drawing board and you're done!