[ECOFACE]LED Mask Skin Care Household Near Infrared Electronic Mask Pack /Platinum


It is a step beyond the existing skin improvement technology

Eco Face Platinum

* Convenient carrying and charging
Rechargeable battery method enables use anywhere, anytime in various indoor activities
* Safe design for optimal light
Apply the optimal illuminance (light intensity) condition to eliminate the risk of low temperature burns and improve the skin
* Delicate design
When the mask is worn, the field of view is opened for user convenience.
* Materials with great care
Use eco-friendly plastic material to prevent side effects even on the skin

Up to 2 times of the existing product, skin improvement effect is also improved!
Manage more closely by increasing the number of LEDs
Platinum upgraded to the next level

* Upgrade to light and slim design (209g)

20 minutes a day, the amazing power of near infrared rays penetrating deep into the dermis!
1. Clear and clean skin (reduction of melanin and erythema)
2.Elastic skin (elastic filling of skin)
3.Wrinkle-free skin (prevention of aging)
4.Healthy skin (prevention and improvement of skin damage)
5.Bright and bright skin (skin whitening effect)
6.Soft and moist skin (increase in water content)

[How to use]

1. When using the product for the first time, use it after charging for 3 hours
2.After cleansing, lightly clean the skin with skin and essence, and attach the product body, band, and gel pad meticulously.
3. After wearing it according to the face type, lightly dry it, adjust the band, press the button for about 2 seconds, turn on the power, adjust the use for 5-20 minutes to suit your convenience, and then press and hold the button to start.
4. When using the band, it is possible to move and sit down, but close your eyes comfortably without using a knap and use it.