Easynet Ubiquitous NEXT-1429CH Dual Tumbler Tolder Smart Hot And Cold Cup Holder For Vehicle

Easynet Ubiquitous NEXT-1429CH 

Smart hot and cold cup holder/Dual Tumbler holder for vehicle

Essential items that are essential for driving, office, drinking, etc.- One-touch hot and cold holder
Peltier semiconductor emits heat and absorbs it coldly. Excellent cooling performance makes beverages cooler and cooler.
-Application of LED to inform beverage status (minimum -3℃ / maximum 70℃)
By applying a temperature display LED that informs the current state of the beverage,
the user can check the state of the beverage with his own eyes without touching his hand.
-One-touch hot/cold holder, hot/cold control at the touch of a button
-Built-in overload prevention function, power cut-off, cigar jack provided
-Basic product support that enhances the heating/refrigeration effect
It is possible to efficiently control the temperature by removing the ground and the product with a gap to facilitate air circulation.
-Beverage heating & cooling function to maintain temperature for a long time
When heated for about 30 minutes, it is possible to keep warm/cold to a maximum of 70℃ and a minimum of -3℃,
so you can easily enjoy the original temperature of the drink.
-40dB low noise cup holder
Rated voltage: DC 12V
Rated current: 3A
Power consumption: 36W