[E and COS]Arbutin Alpha Whitning Cream 15ml Helps To Improve Inner And Outer Blemishes


- 3 kinds of safe whitening ingredients derived from nature
(Ministry of Food and Drug Safety)

Arbutin + alpha bisabolol + niacinamide

-Helps to remove impurities from outside and inside by saving ingredients and whitening effect is UP!

-Contains only patented whitening ingredients of ENCOS!
-Stimulates stimulation and soothing effect with flower extract

Arbutin Alpha Whitening Cream that can be used daily, and can be used for sensitive and sensitive skin!
Can be used on sensitive and sensitive skin and eyes - Hypoallergenic test completed!
Manufactured as an intermediate formulation of lotion and cream to increase absorption

Apply after applying toner-lotion.
* For dry skin, use arbutin alpha and apply nourishing cream and moisture cream on it.
It can be used anywhere on the body with pigmentation.

-People who have trouble with mottled skin tone
-People with dark skin complexion
-Those who have not seen the effect with the existing whitening cream
-People who have trouble with freckles and freckles
-People who are worried about pigmentation caused by trouble