Duolac Organic Baby lactic acid bacteria / Lactobacillus 1g x 30packs 1 month+

Duolac Organic Baby 1g x 30packs

Organic baby lactic acid bacteria, from 1 month of age, 4 types of probiotics,
number of bacteria to be input per day 13 billion, number of guaranteed bacteria 4 billion,
organic inulin, glucose, maltodextrin, 1g, 1 packet per day, 30 days
For your baby's gut health after birth!

*100% Korean strain
*Customized compound strain modulator required for babies after birth
Guaranteed at least 4 billion animals per day (within the expiration date)
Combination of 4 patented bifidus strains (CBT-BT1, CBT-BF3, CBT-BR3, CBT-BG7)
*World patented dual coated lactic acid bacteria strong viability
Dual-coated lactic acid bacteria with strong viability that does not die from the stomach
and lives to the ends of the intestines adhere to the intestines and increase the beneficial bacteria.
*Scientific strain blending of Duolac that pays attention to the baby's intestinal environment
100% ratio of Bifidobacteria used
* Contains more than 95% of organic subsidiary ingredients!
Organic Maltodextrin / Organic Agavenuline / Organic Glucose
* Lactobacillus without additives
No addition of magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, synthetic fragrance, coloring agent, sweetener
* Powdered lactobacilli that are well soluble in milk and powdered milk

[How to take]
Take once a day, one bag at a time, directly or with milk powder or water.
It can be stored at room temperature.