Duolac Gold Lactobacillus 2.5g x 60EA 10 billion of guaranteed bacteria+ prebiotics,vitaminsA,C,E,B

Duolac Gold Lactobacillus
2.5g x 60 Pouches

Contains 6 scientifically proven CBT strain formulas
The number of bacteria input per day 66 billion, the number of guaranteed bacteria 10 billion
Neobiotics Lactobacillus
*World patented lactic acid bacteria with strong viability
The world's patented dual coated lactobacillus with strong viability
that does not die from the stomach and lives to the end of the intestine increases the beneficial bacteria.
*Scientific lactobacillus formulation paying attention to the intestinal environment
Lactobacillus 53% + Bifitus 47%
Prebiotics, 6 vitamins (A,C,E,B1,B2,B6)
* No coloring agents or sweeteners added

[How to take]
Take it once a day, once a day with 2 packets of water.