Dr. Well Airliner Pneumatic Massager HDW-5000

Dr. Well Airliner Pneumatic Massager HDW-5000

* Simultaneous use for each body part of the cuff
*Selectable detailed parts for each cuff pocket
You can choose a pocket you want from A, B, C, D to receive a detailed massage,
and you can select it in all modes and movements.
* Built-in 3 automatic mode programs
Full air operation: 2 minutes
M1: Cycle A->B->C->D
M2: A+C->B+D cycle
M3:C+D->A+B cycle
*Air pressure intensity adjustable
*Safe timer setting possible
It can be safely used with an automatic timer setting of 10, 20, and 30 minutes,
and even first-time users can easily receive a massage with 10-step pressure control.
*Easy to use touch buttons
* Convenient transfer handle
The integrated handle design makes it easy to move before and after use, and it is easy to store and store.

[Recommended for these people.]

-People with cold hands and feet due to poor circulation
-Those with stiff limbs after exercise
-Students who are tired of studying
-Housewife tired of housework
-Those who walk or stand for a long time
-Those who are worried about their parents' filial gift

[How to use]
* Hose plug body connection: After connecting the hose plug to the body, plug the power cord into an outlet.
* After wearing it on the body, fill the zipper and Velcro.
Wear it in a comfortable position to fit your body, and then fill in the zipper or Velcro all the way.
*Select Mode/Velocity/Time
Place the device on a flat and unstable surface and use it in the desired mode, strength, and time.
*Use of air outlet plug.
When using a single cuff, be sure to close the air outlet if the air outlet is not blocked.
Rated voltage/power consumption :220v ,60Hz/23w