Dr. Seed Super Seed Balm Nourishing Treatment 500ml

Dr. Seed
Super Seed Balm Nourishing Treatment 500ml

*Nutrition-filled hair care treatment, hair damage care
Sacha Inchi Oil, certified organic by USDA, maintains nutrition and moisture with omega-3,
omega-6, and fatty acids to keep the scalp and hair healthy.
*Two oil ingredients that protect hair
Contains oat kernel & sacha inchi oil
*pH5.5~6 slightly acidic product
*Moisture supply, luster
*Use of safe fragrance to remove allergens
*No addition of 20 harmful substances
* 10 scents that respect taste

[main ingredient]
Sacha inch oil: nutrition supply, moisturizing care
Gui oil: nutrition supply
Black beans: hair care, scalp protection

[How to use]
After shampooing, gently remove moisture and pump the treatment in an appropriate amount (about 1-2 times).
Apply evenly, avoiding the scalp, centering on the tip of the hair, and leave for 3-5 minutes to soak in the nutrients.
It's okay if the slippery feel remains. Rinse moderately with lukewarm water.