[Dr.Pang] Baby and Kids Vitamin D Zinc 1500mg x 30 packets (45g)


For normal immune function in my child

Dr. Pang Vitamin D Zinc 1500mg x 30 packets (45g)

Dr.pang Vitamin D + Zinc, which is essential for our children in the growing season
Easy one per day.

-Vitamin D and zinc extracted from dry yeast
-Vegetable seaweed calcium (sub-material)
-Colostrum powder (sub-material)
-Green vegetable chicory dietary fiber
-Delicious milk powder taste
* No excipients were used.
No synthetic fragrance, no sweetener, no sugar, no magnesium stearate, no silicon dioxide, no colorant, no HPMC

[Recommended for our children.]

-Infants and children in need of growth and development
-Infants and children who need bone health and normal immune function
-Infants and children who are concerned about their health due to external harmful environments
-Infants and children lacking outdoor activities
-Infants and children with unbalanced diet and nutritional imbalance
-Infants and children in need of health promotion and vitality

[How to take]
Once a day, one bag at a time can be eaten right away,
or can be consumed with yogurt, baby food, powdered milk and milk, and water.