Dr. Lacto SOS Calming Spot 20ml

Dr. Lacto SOS Calming Spot 20ml

Spot care that instantly removes sebum and calms irritated skin
-Spot Tok Tok Intensive Care
A soothing spot that quickly acts on troubled skin for intensive care
-Water gel method
Absorbs moisture particles quickly without stickiness
-Skin-like pH customized formula, skin defense UP
-Lactobacillus fermented product * Serum
Contains 7 kinds of lactic acid bacteria fermented ingredients developed with Chong Kun Dang Health's technology
- Germany Derma Test Completed / Immediate Sebum Removal Test Completed / Skin Hypoallergenic Test Completed

[How to use]
After finishing skin care, dab it on the troubled areas of the skin and apply it.